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A4, A3 Printing

The advantage

Why have we chosen digital printing and why should you in turn make the same choice? The reason is - Flexibility. It gives you the option of printing however many documents of one type you wish. So if you want just 10 brochures, that’s fine. If you want 200 more the next day that’s fine. It seems that you have to change the details of the brochure for a special event only for 50 persons. That’s fine. With traditional printing, you can’t really do this.

It’s all about personalisation

The big advantage of digital printing is personalisation. For example you can print the same document but in 250 copies with each document having a different name. You just give us the document and the list of names and we will do the rest. The process is called “Variable Data Printing” and honestly, it never ceases to amaze even us everytime we o a big job.

The quality

For digital printing, we only use Xerox High-Performance Graphic Arts digital equipment. The equipment is used with solely Xerox original consumables. This means that the prints are as good the technology can make them. These coupled with EFI Technology mean our recipe for the best digital prints you can get.

But what does this mean?

It’s simple. The Xerox Graphic Arts machines make sure that the resolution of your prints is just right. The Xerox consumables make sure that the colors in your prints will shine! And the EFI technology? Well that makes sure the colors are just right, accurate down to the ICC. It’s just a perfect combination that has made thousands of customers smile whenever they received their prints.


Format Size 1-Sided 2-Sided
A5 14.9CM x 21CM 0.18 € 0.36 €
A4 21CM x 29.7CM 0.29 € 0.58 €
A3 29.7CM x 42CM 0.59 € 1.18 €
SRA3 45CM x 32CM 0.62 € 1.24 €


Format Size 1-Sided 2-Sided
A5 14.9CM x 21CM 0.25 € 0.5 €
A4 21CM x 29.7CM 0.4 € 0.8 €
A3 29.7CM x 42CM 0.8 € 1.6 €
SRA3 45CM x 32CM 0.85 € 1.7 €


Format Size 1-Sided 2-Sided
A5 14.9CM x 21CM 0.025 € 0.05 €
A4 21CM x 29.7CM 0.05 € 0.1 €
A3 29.7CM x 42CM 0.1 € 0.2 €


Format Size 1-Sided 2-Sided
A5 14.9CM x 21CM 0.08 € 0.16 €
A4 21CM x 29.7CM 0.16 € 0.32 €
A3 29.7CM x 42CM 0.32 € 0.64 €